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We are the part of Shiva Rathi Group of Companies (LinkedIn and (Facebook We after being succesful in launching Digital Currency Mining Hubs, Financial Models, Cybersecurity and Website Development in USA, Europe, China and Russia launched our Group in India with aim to create Maximum Employment through Minimal Efforts. We are first company in world to adopt BODZIN Technology. We help Students to Get Admission in Engineering, Medical and MBA and in Foreign Universities, for Which we charge one-time rock-bottom price of Rupees 2599 or $40. We arrange travels, packaged tours, and vehicle booking for rock-bottom one time fees of Rupees 499 or $10, through our network of travel agents. We sell Jharkhand Craft Worldwide, and arrange Medical Tourism as Well.

  • "Shiva Rathi Group"
  • "Shiva Rathi Group"

We arrange Medical Tourism to India from Americas, Europe, China, Russia, Middle-East Countries and India's neighbouring countries Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Afganistan and Myanmar. We help you to book hospital beds, accomodation, Fooding, Staff Nurse. Our upfront fees for Medical Tourism is Rupees 2999 or $50, and same the amount after discharge from hospital.

We help students to secure admission in Engineering, Medical, MBA colleges taking consideration of marks obtained by students and financial status of Parents. We give proper guidance and have thousands of satisfied clients since 2007.

We also help Students to get education loan through our network of financial institutions. We will help you get the best rate and also coordinate with national education portal.

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